4 Replies to “i am getting 25000 rs per month, what amount would be taxable?, is their any examption?”

  1. If your monthly earning is 25000 your yearly earning is 3,00,000 and you will have to pay a IT of Rs 14000. However you can invest in cetain infrastructure bonds, Life insurance , Health insurance and reduce your tax liability.

  2. Your annual income comes to Rs 3 lakhs. With an exemption of Rs 1.6 lakhs, the remaining amount of Rs 1.4 lakhs will be taxable. You can save tax by investing in Section 80C instruments (up to Rs 1 lakh).

  3. 25000 X 12 = 300,000

    Upto Rs 1.6 lakhs tax free

    Invest 1 lakh under 80C = PF ( employer deducts every month ) + PPF ( nearest SBI branch ) + ELSS ( mutual fund like SUNDARAM TAX SAVER) + Life Insurance premium ( PURE TERM COVER )

    Invest 20,000 in Infra Bonds under 80CCF ( L &T INFRA bonds now open till 15/11) – 5 year lock in 7.5% annual interest.

    Mediclaim section 80D – Deduction up to Rs 15000 available for self & family. Additionional Rs 20,000 available if you pay premium for dependent parents ( 1 of them at least is a senior citizen)

    Deduct all these investments made from Rs 3 lakhs.

    If your income comes below Rs 1.6 lakhs – no tax is to be paid. Otherwise 10% tax + 3% surcharge to be paid.

    If you are paying Rent , show the rent receipt in your office. You can get a deduction.

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