4 Replies to “I am changing my job and shifting from India to Texas. I want to know how much is income tax in Texas?”

  1. It works a little different then that. You have local and federal taxes. what you may want to do for the federal tax is go to here: http://www.irs.gov/individuals/page/0,,id=14806,00.html

    it has a federal withholding calculator. That will be the bulk of your taxes. For the local I can’t tell you as I am in Pennsylvania and it probably depends on which county or city you are going to live in because it changes here depending on where you will live AND work.

    You may want to make a post in the city that you will be moving to so you can ask what the local tax rate is.

  2. There is no state income tax in Texas. It is one of the seven or so states that don’t have an income tax.

    There is federal income tax anywhere in the US. It ranges from 0% to a top of 35%, depending on the amount of income. (as of present; it may very well go up)

    If you buy property in Texas, there is a property tax. And, if you buy anything, there is a sales tax, 6.25%, plus many areas have a local sales tax, which could be a percent or two.

  3. no state income tax, but very high and complicated sales taxes – (on almost everything you buy) and you still have federal income and payroll taxes,a s well as unemployment taxes for your workers and workmens compensation insurance to deal with

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