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  1. if the amount is big,you need to have a gateway for foreign currency transaction, in india only citibank currant account start with minimum of 100000.00 rs offers these services,you can make any transaction upto any limit.,do not forget to use verisign on your site,a company who take care of safe transactions,
    plus make sure the transactions from the customers only…uncle sam is watching.
    all foreign transactions are been watched by reserve bank of india.
    you must have an import export licence to make such transactions,


  2. Regan B seems to be answering a different question. The problem is one for your clients to solve. It may be that they will have to make multiple payments at different stages of the job – this is good news as it will help your cash flow. The trick for a freelance is never to allow your clients too much credit, and certainly never to incur expense on their behalf. Without knowing what your trade is, or the amount each job will be worth, you might consider breaking the bill into three payments – one at commencement, one at a halfway stage, and one just before delivery.