7 Replies to “I am a teacher and i want to save Rs.2000 through SIP for 10 years for my child’s education.?”

  1. There is a website: http://www.valueresearchonline.com, which has extensive information on all the mutual funds in India. One way is to choose 1 (or 2, if you prefer to spread your risk) DIVERSIFIED EQUITY mutual funds from their rating list. They have a star rating system (one-star is poor and 5-star is excellent) which is based on a mutual fund scheme’s history of returns and the risk over several years. So you could choose one or two 5 star funds. They also rank the funds based on 1, 3, 5, and 10 year performance. Since you have a 10 year plan choose a very high ranking fund (within the top 7 to 10 funds) based on at least 5 years of performance. Make sure the current star rating of the chosen fund is either 4 or 5 star. Best wishes for your son’s academic success!

  2. Go ahead Pradeep

    There plenty of them there. To mention a few:

    1. HDFC Top 200

    2. Birla Sunlife Frontline EQuity]

    3. Reliance Vision Fund

    4. Rel Equity Growth

    5. UTI Banking Sector etc.,

    You can switch your investments any time from one scheme to another at any time. But if you shift within one year there will be a load of 1%. There is no entry load.

    Have a nice day !

  3. HDFC Top 200 (Growth) Fund is a diversified equity fund which invests mainly in blue chip company with long term goals. Your investment goal of 10 years is a perfect match with the investment goals of this fund.

  4. Investing in mutual via SIP is the best idea which gives you the cost average and other hand protect the principle even in the bear market. If someone makes a series of SIP in diversify fund then inflation can not beat him even in the bad market performance.

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