I am a student and during my spare time I earn some money through freelancing?

I am a student and during my spare time I earn some money through freelancing. However, I have heard that, investing in mutual fund will give me good returns in short period of time – If it’s so – please help me with the right investment plan for me.?

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  1. Hi there!! Sound Interesting – though, being a college student and a freelancer- you are thinking of investing to get good returns on your hard earned cash. However, you fall in the first time investor category. So, I would say start with Systematic Investment Plan. It will be a investment plan for a you at this stage. Since, mutual fund is a very vast concept to understand and people make mistake by opting for wrong investment policy without knowing their investment objective. In my opinion, I would recommend you go with Reliance Mutual Fund –SIP plan. It will be right a investment plan as per your given information. Also, I would request you to do some research online about different type’s mutual fund plan its functionality in the market so that you can yourself choose the plan for you without consulting with others. Else, you can take an expert help by visiting the financial house or calling their consultant at your place to understand the best investment plan for you. – Good Luck!! 

  2. First of all I must congratulate you for earning for yourself at this young age and appreciate you for your wise thought of investment to earn more. But please be careful. The Schemes which give you fast returns can also be reduced as these are generally on equity based investment. However, I will suggest you to invest through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) provided you are having regular income as the monthly investment will be of equal amount and will be transferred to your Investment Account at monthly interval.

    For good returns, I would advise you to invest in Magnum Plans of State Bank of India which give good returns.

    With best wishes

  3. As for a mutual fund: NOW IS NOT THE TIME. Mutual funds are at an all time low and MANY are losing money. Which was rare in the past. If you want to get some extra cash as a student:
    I have a website on how to make money as a college student. It doesn’t give you as much as a job would so obviously if you have time for a part time job I would suggest this. The site just gives creative ideas and advice on how to make extra cash as a college student, around a few hundred dollars a month for extra spending money. It also has tutorials on how to use eBay, etc. and it gets updated every few days so keep checking back on it.

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