6 Replies to “i am a pension employee. i have a PAN card & filling return previous 5 years.?”

  1. PAN card doesn’t mean that you should pay tax. its just for the govt to track your income and other money flow. So nothing to worry if you are under exempt. They will have proper records for your income, and other related things. So no need to pay tax or file return.

  2. no , u should not return your pan card. It is a mandatory requirment now for Bank Accounts, Share Trading, applying for Mutual fund etc. Having a Pan Card does not mean that u HAVE to file a return ( income tax ) Please keep the Pan Card withu safely.

  3. holding a pan even by anon-tax payer is not illegal. only when you have taxable income you are suposed to file a return and pay tax. you are saying your income is exempt and so you want to surrender pan. you can write to the income tax department through a professional explaing the reason for your willingness to discontinue filing the return. the department’s answer decides it.

  4. hey man …!

    PAN card is your lifelong document . do not loose it like this

    it is useful to you and your family also . you do not know when that thing will be needed.

    Now your pension is less than taxable amt.
    so just file the return under form ITR-1 , it is simple , every year you shuold file return also . there is no benefit and no loss either.. but it is good for your other transations.. also get a copy of the RETURN acknowledged for your file

    but do not surrender your PAN Card..

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