i am a owner of land, but the land is a government property, but from last 30 years i am harvesting on it ?

i am a owner of land , but the land is a government property,but from last 30 years me and my family have been harvesting on it.
The question i wanted to you to ask is that is there anyway by which i can become the legal owner of the land?

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  1. Web search “adverse possession”. There are specific requirements (usually including paying property taxes on it), and I don’t know any place that allows you to claim adverse possession of government owned land.

    What are you harvesting?

  2. You either own it or you don’t.

    It sounds like you are leasing it.

    There is nothing that would allow you to own the governments land other then them selling it to you, and in most countries this is not legal, as government land belongs to the tax payers.

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  4. Just what is it you’re ShareCropping? Sounds like you are a tenant farmer. And no, there is no Right of Emminent Domain the Serfs can claim against the “Kings” land.

    If you are paying rent then that precludes you from even raising this question, which is why all these folks have asked you what it is you’re growing, hmmm Bud – dy?

  5. if you prove adverse possession and the land is not required by govt for public purpose like road, you have fair chances to get ownership.

    continuous uninterrupted possession and enjoyment is to be proved beyond doubts.

    consult a leading knowledgeable lawyer. Good Luck.

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