i am a new invester pls tell me how to invest in SIP and wht r d requirements?

which is the best mf company whith which i should invest

i am a new invester pls tell me how to invest in SIP and wht r d requirements?
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4 Replies to “i am a new invester pls tell me how to invest in SIP and wht r d requirements?”

  1. To invest thru SIP u have to fill SIP form along with Common Application Form. You may also have to fill auto debit form if ur bank provides so. (Applicable for selected bank in selected cities). You have to submit only xerox copy of PAN card and one cheque (for any no. of instalment). Also you have to show your PAN card for verification. By SIP a fixed amount will be debited from your account every month/quarter. If you r a first time investor then go to any broker. In this case an entry load, generally 2.25% will be levied. If u have experience fill up the form urself and submit this to AMC (MF office) and u can save the entry load.

    Regarding best MF company, invest in any existing fund atlest 2 years old and showing good returns. Compare different funds with the fund size and returns. Prefer any equity fund for long tern investment.

    My opinion: ICICI Infrastructure, Sundaram CAPEX, Stanchart Premier, Reliance Vision and Growth, HDFC Growth and TOP200 and many more. Compare returns in newspaper or internet.

  2. My Dear, if you accept my point of view then stop thinking about SIP. NO DOUBT to SAVE is GOOD and you should go for it, but do not go for an obligation. By taking an option of SIP it becomes an obligation to invest a fixed amount every month in a particular scheme. In place of this consider every month which MFis doing well or what better opportunity is better on that day and how much MORE or less you want to invest?
    Do doubt to take an help of any professional is better option. There was a time when one has to forgo 2.25% for it, but now you can save full 2.25 by investing directly or can get at least 1.5% back from your agent. You can also take the help of sites moneycontrol.com & valueresearchonline.com. Here you can also create your porile and watch how your funds are performing.

  3. SBI Magnum Taxgain, Reliance Growth, SBI Magnum Contra, SBI Magnum Global, Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap, SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus, HSBC Equity, Reliance Diversified Power Sector Retail, Tata Equity Opportunities, ICICI Prudential Infrastructure, Kotak Opportunities, DSPML T.I.G.E.R. Reg, Birla Mid Cap.

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