i am a housewife and donot know any thing about icici online trading how to start ,is it safe?Rs 5000 start?

i donot know about online trading but i want to enter in it . will it be safe to do so ?or is it very risky? what are the good points to remember in it? how to start ? can it be apart time job for me giving good earning to me? with a small amount of Rs 5000 how can i start?

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  1. If you don’t know anything about it, then no it isn’t safe…if you want to learn, go to the library and read

  2. hello mam !

    iam also the user of online share trading
    it is a very safe process where u can see daily share price by loging on http://www.icicidirect.com then click on market then click on daily share price …..u can also purchase only 1 share.
    first u take a demat account no. that give a password 4 login
    for more details plz contact icici bank.

  3. I suggest you read a lot about it before you choose to give up that money you have. Don’t do anything which you do not have control on 🙂

    Good luck!

  4. everything is easy but to choose the share is very difficult.

    you first study how to choose the good shares to buy

    I am telling you my experience

    See the economic times ( 5 days down script) and buy in samll quantity, you will get result.

  5. take start,first one week only see market trend of some of shares.if you need help. then you can had it from me via yahoo.chat goldendays64

  6. Think of some thing better, Gaining or losing couple of thousand in stocks is very common.

    You may keep your self away from Stock Market, to remain happy and healthy. Highly volatile market, Gain and Loss, both are Quick.

    Technically, you can start with Rs. 5000/-
    Visit, any bank of your choice, and have the following,
    1. Savings Account.
    2. demet Account.
    3. Onlinetrading account.

    and start trading & prosper trough regular income,

    With all the Best.

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