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  1. once u have defaulted on the loan, your name goes into defaulters list and it is not easy to remove the name from there for at least five years. t will be better if u go to ICICI bank management , pay off the loan and get your name removed from the list. if not, no other bank will give u a credit card or a housing loan.

  2. The best way is to discuss with ICICI bank. If you are a customer ICICI bank, talk to the manager of your Base branch. If you are only a loan customer, contact the regional head in your city and discuss with him.

  3. In first place you defaulted and now willing to pay 6000 instead of 4000, ICICI will not be looking you as a serious customer because your intention is to go for a housing Loan.

    First try to repay the entire Loan clear from the Defaulter List, then try to create a credibility confidence with your Branch Manager and then try for the Loan.*