i am a BE(E&C) +MBA(marketing and HR). should i join Metlife India to sell insurance policies?

recently i got an offer to work at Metlife Life Insurance in srinagar…thru one of my friends who works there as Sales Manager. thru his link they have set me a target of achieving Rs. 4 lakh insurance policies before 31 Dec. if i succeed i wud get selected as Sales Manager directly and offered a package of 18000-22000 per month. my parents are not too interested. they say it doesnt suit my qualification(BE + MBA)…but i know a lot of guys are doing it. i also thought of doing it until i hit something big. what are ur views about this? should i join? plz provide details….thanks

i am a BE(E&C) +MBA(marketing and HR). should i join Metlife India to sell insurance policies?
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2 Replies to “i am a BE(E&C) +MBA(marketing and HR). should i join Metlife India to sell insurance policies?”

  1. Do you have any other job offer at present-NO-Then what is the harm in using your time which would result in earning atleast some money.

  2. Dude,

    Ask yourself if you like the job, it is no point that someone shove something into your throat.

    If you like this challenge and if you can use your skills, just go ahead and convince your parents that you like to do this.

    If you don’t, and please do not take this as an alternative, as it might ruin your career, if you don’t have any career choice in your mind, spend some time in identifying what you want to do. May be you want to be a HR director some day, or a Internet marketing specialist, or operations manager at some big industries (with your BE qualification). So, decide what you want first, work on it.. choosing the alternatives would bring you to nowhere, you get comfortable after a few days and your fire to succeed exhausts.

    Lastly, if you want to take up this challenge, I think Rs. 4 lakhs before 31 Dec shouldn’t be a problem, you said you have your friend who is a sales manager, get his help on how to get quality leads in this area, he should be able to help you out… reach out to friends and family (which is the weakest leads of all), target the young work population and you will hit the target.

    Happy selling if you opt for it… if not best of luck for your career search.


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