I am 51 years old so which of LIC policy of India i should adopt for 7 years time till i retire from govt?

I want to have a policy from “LIC of India”(govt of india owned).Since i have only seven years left for retiring from govt. job.so which of the LIC policies of India i should have so that i get both risk cover as well as better financial gains than bank.The amount of premium should not be more than 15000 per anum.

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  1. Dear Sir ,
    Its best if u invest in Money Back Plan . More over i’ll advice to go for other companies rather than LIC of India as it has a greater margin for Comission and comparatively less for investment . U can call me at 098702 89900 for further assisstance . My email id is [email protected] .
    Regards ,
    Kumar .

  2. Sir,

    As you already faith in LIC, May I suggest you to please get LIC’s Money Plus plan its provide you risk cover as well as handsome return on your investment.

    I am an LIC agent, ZM Club members for agent, Mobile 9314231642

  3. Sir,
    You can Invest in Fortune Plus or Profit Plus plans, and this will give you more return than other traditional plans & live cover too. Or if you are looking for only this year you can invest in Jeevan Neechay a single premium policy which will matures on 5th year or 7 th year with guaranted returns & life cover.

    Details mail to [email protected]

  4. It is not advisable to go for insurance policy expecting a return from the investment.

    If you want to take insurance go for a TERM INSURANCE.

    Have a nice day !

  5. Go for Jeevan Saral Plan of LIC. You will get risk cover of Rs. 312500 with additional accident cover of same amount for that premium budget. The returns will be little more savings bank rates. Do not expect “returns” from life insurance. Remember that your investment horizon is only of 7 years.

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