11 Replies to “I am 36 years old, I want to invest in pension plan , which company shall I select, LIC,HDFC,TATA AIG, BIRAL?”

  1. opt for l.i.c pension plan. it good and what ever the amount u will invest in pensionplan will also qualify for i.t. exemption. but i suggest l.i.c all the best.

  2. Never one should invest in a pension plan.
    U invest money today when money value is high. They return u after 30 years when money value will be peanuts & that too in instalments. Check the Return on ur investment.
    In fact investment in insurance must be just to cover life-risk.
    So one shud only take an whole life policy.

  3. Hi,

    Most private companies have their pension plan which is ULIP. That cannot be risked, because it defeats the main purpose – future security; because of the uncertainties and speculative nature of a ULIP.

    LIC has good standard pension plans, giving good returns. But the hitch is, these pensions are added to taxable income, making it a less viable option.

    I design conventional plans from LIC, which will effectively serve as a pension plan without being taxable. You can contact me 09322197831 (Mumbai)

  4. Sir, My company offering a very good return on ur investment.

    My company pension plan is for 5 years. If u r invested Rs.1,00,000/- for 5 years then u get Rs.1100/- interest every month. After the completion of 5 years ur investment amount return back to u. + free insurance for 5 years there is no premium has to be paid by u.

    If u r interested in above plan then give ur investment amount, name , address,contact no. on my email id : [email protected]. I will give u prompt feedback.

  5. LIC’s pension plan is the most viable one.
    Alternately, if you are planning some investments for your retirement life then you may consider investing in some equity mutual funds. They are flexible and may give you decent return in the long term.

  6. Boss the best pla is with SBI Life Insurance.

    Take this plan and avail the best returns of the market.
    You will save a good amount of money for your Retierment.

    Just contact me.

  7. Sir,
    Im working in ICICI Prudential and i think it provides best plan with best retirement solution.

    V have many plans for it but the BEST plan is LIFE STAGE PENSION as in this 100% of ur amount gets invested and if u will take any other policy rather than dis ur 20% of the amount will be used as allocation charges.

    Sir, plzzzzzzz check d link below, which is the complete brochure of LIFE STAGE PENSION:

    For any other doubt u cn contact me thru
    [email protected]
    ICICI Prudential

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