7 Replies to “I am 26 years old, and afford upto 50K annual premium, what policy suits me best, Jeevan tarag or jeevan anand?”

  1. Both the plans Jeevan Tarang and Jeevan Anand are very good. Jeevan Tarang, is a whole life plan which provide annual survival benefit @ 5.5% of the sum assured for life time after one year from accumulation period. Apart, bonus will be paid in one lumpsum at the end of the accumulation period. Also life cover upto the age of 100. In Jeevan Anand, life cover continues even after the premium paying term till the death of the policy holder. Accidental benefit is available upto the age of 70. If death occur after the premium paying term, an amount equal to the sum assured is payable. This is apart from the maturity benefit he has already taken after premium paying term. It is upto to you select the right one which suits you best.

  2. Hello,
    Well ULIPs are a very good option, returns will depend on market.
    Let us know the term of investment.
    We have different plans which can give you good return, also some min sum assured.
    You can get back to me at [email protected] for more details.
    Ruchi Kedia
    Richhpal Finacials

  3. If you have no life insurance at present, begin with a term insurance Amulya Jeevan I which should be equal to about 10 times of your annual income.

    You can then consider buying Jeevan Tarang for a 20 years term.


    It is not an avenue for INVESTMENT.

    Earlier you realise this , better will your financial condition be in the long run.

    No INSURANCE POLICY can make you or your nominee richer than what you are today. ( even on maturity).

    Insurance is basically a LOSS REDUCING avenue for UNFORESEEN EVENTS.

    Go for PURE TERM PLAN ONLY. Nothing else.

    Visit http://www.aegonreligare.com . Have a look at their online policy , critical illness riders , increasing cover policies. Their rates are the lowest in the market.

    For INVESTMENT – there are better avenues. Go for a combination of PPF / SIP IN MUTUAL FUNDS / DIRECT EQUITY.

    Insurance agents will give you contrary views. Reason is obvious.

  5. Hi friend,

    Ask your advisor whether those policies are ULIP. if it is an ULIP just avoid it. Do not mix your investment and insurance.

    Firstly take your mediclaim insurance—5 lakh sum assured—–premium for your age group would be 3500-4000 rupees, if you want more cover and lifelong cover …go for apollomunich insurance which will add more benefits despite higher premium.

    Secondly you should take a Term insurance—–for 50 lakhs cover—-for your age group it would be around 8000-10000 rupees. Take cover for 35 years which will cover your family risk and makes you free from worrying about your family commitments.

    By doing the above two,the outgo premium would be around 20000 rupees. Still you are left with 30000 rupees .Invest this in mutual funds or PPF .You can contact your financial advisor. Cheers!

  6. Life Insurance needs to be purchased only after analyzing the requirements.
    Amount of Insurance cover required, Accidental benefit, maturity benefit, death benefit, critical illness cover etc. needs to be understood and accepted according to the requirement and then chosen with care as this is a whole life affair. Hence continuity with the same company becomes important as far as life insurance is concerned. Also claim payment history and procedure needs to be easy for efficient claim payment.

    After understanding the requirements and analysing the needs, you can choose and compare the best life insurance plans online and purchase the same through our website

    LIC’s Jeevan Anand plan is one of the BEST plans of LIC which is a combination of both Endowment and wholelife plan. However you can go through the comparisons before you take your call. Also you must decide whether you need traditional plan with guaranteed returns or you would like to invest in the equity market and take an ULIP.

    For further information please log onto our website.

    Rupanjali M

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