I am 20 years old and want to invest to have better future.?

i Just want to start investment in stock market. how should i start.and which one is better mutual fund or stock trading

I am 20 years old and want to invest to have better future.?
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  1. Please develop your future financial programme first by build suitable project…like your yearly income..than divide it in basic expension savings with life insurence,recring deposit and short terms sceame etc. always take your invest ment steps after full satissfication and study.

  2. open a savings account. then have life insurance done for the maximum premium that u can pay. open a demat account with a good broking company like sharekhan or angel. open a single sip for a growth mutual fund as u don’t have dependencies. see how it works. trade in shares as the hints u get from the brokers. also do ur own research as u would do before buying a pair of jeans.
    when u have done this u r set for future, as u go along more and more opportunities will find u. just keep ur eyes open.

  3. I think starting with an exchange traded fund is the best way to begin; it is probably a good idea to buy something like SPY or VTI to start with.

    We saw the stock market decline more than 50% in the last 15 months. During the depression, there are claims that the market lost between 83-94% so it can be risky.

    Why do people invest? They intend to outpace inflation and generate a decent rate of return.

  4. You’re young, so you have plenty of time to recover from a bad investment. I am also 20 and i started with cd’s but in this economy you really would be losing money by doing this or earning very little gain. Because the annual cost of live is usually around 4% and most cd’s of around 4 to 5% your money will be really safe but that’s it. Unless you can find an investment vehicle that yields a 10% interest rate I would say invest. This is a great time to invest with the market really low. There are always a chance that you could lose a lot of money but with great risk comes the possibility of great rewards. I recently bought FNM at .42 and sold at .98, I totally doubled my money. There was always a chance that I could lose everything, so if you do invest you should do your homework on any stock you’re thinking about.

  5. i would seriousely think twice about taking advice from people on this forum.

    so often they are wrong.

    if you want a better future it would be this,

    1. eduacation.

    2. save you rmoney in the bank.

    3. make wise choices,

    4. work hard and work smart.

  6. First have Health Insurance for your elders and ur self and all dependents…… then Insure your self with any good insurance plan for your dependents… then start an SIP(Systamatic investment plan) in any good Mutual fund… Then go for Stock… for good returns in less time go for Commodity Trading.. Or go for Stocks only investment on A-Graded company’s…………..

  7. I think Investing in private Company is far better than anything.I know a company The Royal Freedom.There is investment of Rs.15555 in it and then,you will get 12 cheques from it.Go to http://www.theroyalfreedom.com for seeing the value of cheques.
    You take an insurance policy of Birla Sunlife Insurance of Rs.30000 through this company and you will be given a free joining of Rs.15555 in it.You will get double amount of your investment,i.e.Rs.60000 of Rs.30000 in 5 years through Birla but you will also get 12 cheques from The Royal freedom.If you join it you will be required a sponser no.,then reply me.

  8. U just go to hdfcbank and meet with the manager he will give all advise u want. as i did.u can invest in mf and stock.all are bad all are good.i have investment in JM ,RELIaNCE,RELGARE.BIRLA,UTI .SUNDARAM.

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