How we can transfer money from India to other country to a friend who is not in relation?

I want to transfer money to one of my distant relative who lives in Manila ( Phillipines). He doesnt have any Indian bank A/c. Only Philllipines’s bank a/c. Pls let me know how I can transfer money from my bank A/c?

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  1. As per Reserve Bank of India’s regulations, you are not allowed to send money like this way and it will be illegal to send money and no bank will allow you in India to remit money to your relative. As per RBI rules, if your family is living abroad, e.g. your any kid is studying in overseas and your spouse is living in overseas, in such case you can send money to overseas. Secondly, if you want to invest money in overseas, you can send money for investment purpose. The best thing is that you visit the office of Reserve Bank of India, near to you and enquire everything personally but as far as I know, it is not possible. India’s foreign exchange regulations do not allow such remittance to overseas. However, I still suggest you to visit RBI, e.g. RBI has office in New Delhi at Parliament Street, also RBI has got office in Mumbai. If you are not living in any of these two cities, visit your bank and check offices located in India of the RBI. Good luck dear.

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