How to valuate a residential property?

I have own house in Purasawalkam, Chennai. Area 1875 sq.ft. Built construction 4500 sq.ft Ground, First, Second and roof, 20 years old building but in very good condition. Location of house is just 20meters from Purasawalkam High Road.

Only serious answers please.

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  1. You need to check around your neighborhood and find houses that have sold in the last year. Take the sales price of houses similar to yours, with similar amenities such as same quality of fixtures, same condition of repair, etc.

    The sales price of similar homes is the value of your home.

  2. You contact an appraiser to come out and give you a write report. Look in the yellow pages, if there is not one in your area contact your local bank for more information.

  3. 1. Check rates with comparable properties in your neighbourhood through websites, advt in newspaper & contacting couple of brokers in your area.

    2. you can also get your property valued by a govt approved vauler.

    3. you can get the govt rate from a ready recknor available at the district registrar office in your area

  4. The property is 3/4th of a ground which can be valued a minimum of Rs.1.5 crores. The value of the building around Rs.40 lakhs

    The total value of the property is about Rs.2 crores approx.

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