How to transfer property after father dies without a will.?

Wifes father died without making a will. He had four children (2 daughters and 2 sons including my wife, and his wife). How will the transfer of landed property and house be effected? What are the legal procedudes involved that need to be followed.

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  1. Usually the surviving spouse gets the couples’ property and everything –you don’t need a will for the first death. BUT she must get a will made dividing up everything according to her wishes. She needs to go to a lawyer who specializes in wills and estates. The property is usually always in husband and wife’s names as well as bank accounts so she only has to go to the bank and put everything in her name and whomever she picks to be the executor. This is in case something happens to her, the executor can go and get money out of the bank BUT not until she is either dead or incapacitated. She can go to your city hall or where the taxes are sent and bring his death certificate and ID & have his name taken off the deed and then only her name goes on. She really doesn’t have to do this until she wants to since there is no change in ownership. Children do not inherit until the last parent dies.

  2. As alleged by you, he left 5 persons to inherit his property. If all want to divide they may amicably go for Partition Deed

    Usually tax and EB and other services to the property will be changed to the next elder or who prefers

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