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  1. you have the right to revoke a POA at any time. Simply notify him that he no longer has it. Do it in writing so he can’t deny you contacted him. It should be effective the day you sign the letter, but probably not enforceable until it is received.

  2. Hi Linda,

    I hope you can get the POA cancelled,but you need to come over here for the said activity, or else publish the same in local news papers stating the cancellation of the POA.
    Still its unbelievable that a father is misutilising the property of a child or using the property for his own ends.

  3. Yes you have rights to revoke power of attorney given to any ones favour.

    But you have to intimate it to the party and you should have a proof of intimation.

    You can either send a telegram and a letter confirming that the telegram given by you and other details of cancellation power. Nowadays E-Mailing also can be a proof. If he has already sold, you cannot get back the property.