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  1. Read here, it will help you:

    You may contact the office of any of the general insurance company’s in your area and ask them if they are recruiting agents. Now there are pvt general insurance cos, other than the govt Co’s. If they are recruiting then you may apply. Most of the Co’s offer free training while some may charge about Rs.1000 -1500 for a 15 day course (100 hours) from IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority). At the end of the course u have to appear for an exam – it may be on line – and pass the exam. If u pass the exam you’ll be issued a license by IRDA for a period of three years (u have to renew after 3 years appearing again for an exam).

    You can also take a combined license, i.e., one for Life Insurance and one for General Insurance. You have to appear for 150 hrs training if you opt for the combined license. Pls note that you can’t be an agent for more then one Life and one General Insurance Co.,

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