6 Replies to “how to sudy the stock market in existing suituation which sector is doing well in future,is?”

  1. While equity is considered, always invest in fundamental companies considering their net worth & value of physical assets.

    Gold is doing best in Commodities however now-a-days its priced more than expectations, so just chill out let it come down for a while then confidently invest in it.

  2. The stock market is in a bad condition with many blue chips are available at throw away prices and many at 54 week low levels. Ihis is the correct the shares of RIL, RCOM, Aditya Birla Nuvo, L&T etc which will give you atleast 50 % profit within a year.

  3. Walmart and McDonald’s were the only stocks to post a profit last year so that should give you some idea. People will always have to eat and live regardless of the conditions so, look into stocks that provide that resource.

  4. To study the stock market in the current situation one needs to follow the following guidelines.
    1.Regularly see the tv channels like CNBC AWAJ,CNBC TV 18,ZEE BUSINESS,UTVI TV etc.These channels provide ,the information about different shares n their expected price levels.

    2.Regularly read economic times,business standard n financial express.Besides financial magazines like Capital Market n Out look Profit.

    These two steps will provide enough insight to study the market conditions n the sectors which r expected to perform better in future.

    In commodity trading one can make enough money like share market if one has got adequate knowledge on the same.

    Both share market n commodity market can give better return than any other investment if one knows,where to invest n when.

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