3 Replies to “How to successfully close a Credit card account with a bank?”

  1. Send a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, saying “Close my account number xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and confirm in writing that you have done so within 30 days.” If you have not already paid the entire balance, you are still required to make the payments, including any finance charges, until the entire balance, including finance charges, has been paid. Closing the account does not prevent the bank from continuing to assess fees under the existing account agreement. Closing the account does stop you from using the account and does stop the bank from changing the account agreement.

  2. Make out a letter to close your credit card and duly enclosing the cut card by registered post. They will intimate if their is any dues and pay close off.

  3. Get the latest statement from the bank of your credit card.
    if any dues are shown outstanding settle the amounts and return the cr card duly cut at the right place with a letter to the Bank to close the credit card account with proof of last outstanding payment made by you.

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