How to stop my father from selling ancestral property. I am 30 year old and my elder brother is 32.?

My father is two brother. My father is the elder one. I am two brother. My father and my uncle got their share on Panchnama which has been notorized. My father has been selling his share without involving me or my elder brother. How can I stop him from doing this. And what are proccess of getting my share. What would be the time duration taken by the court to If I file Tittle suite.

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  1. You may or may not be able to do anything, and that will depend on how the property was put into your father’s control, plus applicable laws. You really need to consult with an attorney!

  2. well, your father is two brother and the eldest two. so if u want to file a lawsuit, you gotta plus two with two together and there u have it! two idiots who get sued by a guy whose 3two years old!

  3. Generally speaking, you and your brother have vested interest in the ancestral property. Legally speaking, you have to give legal notice to your father asking him not to sell the ancestral property in which you have vested interest. You may also cause a public notice informing the public at largr not to purchase the property in question. In spite of the above, if your father attempts to sell the ancestral property, you can approach the court having jurisdiction over the property and file Civil suit and pray for the interim restraining orders.

  4. He can do what he wishes with his property. You are not entitled to anything unless he chooses to give it to you. He owes you nothing. If you want it, buy it. Otherwise make your own way in life.

    If he wants to give his property to a bum on the street he can. It is his.

  5. Consult an attorney specializing in this and the laws of your country. It don’t think you have any right to the property unless your father has included you in some sort of will or document regarding the property.

  6. In the united states, clear title with no encumbrances means that the property belongs solely to the person named on the title. Ancestral property – inheritance, is only an inheritance when the owner of it dies. Your father probably has the right to do what he wants with the property.

    Since I don’t know what the title state, you really do need to contact an attorney and find out what if any your rights are.

  7. if the property is in your dads name then theirs not much you can do but you could talk to an attorney and ask his or her advise but make sure they specialize in property

  8. If you hold a legal stake in this property, your father can only legally sell what he owns, not what you own. There is no way from legally preventing him from selling his portion of the property. However, if you legitimately and legally own a portion of this property, you can hold out on selling your portion making his life much more difficult to find a buyer unless you sell as well. As far as getting your share….you are 30 yrs. old and it should have been written in someones will giving you legal entitlement to said share. Provide documentation proving your entitlement to said share, and take him to court to at least legally secure your portion of it. Again, legally he has the right to sell off his portion only!!!

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