How to stop “builder lobbying-the major source of corruption” In India?

“Builder lobbying” is the concept where a common man buys his dream home at “hyped rate” which is much much above mere construction cost. (on loan with heavy interest) & builders feed politicians who are corrupt (to fulfill statutory requirement to construct)

2 Replies to “How to stop “builder lobbying-the major source of corruption” In India?”

  1. Let us face it. We love the corrupt and we love the corruptors. There would be no builder lobbies, if we did not buy from them. In cities like Pune, the apartment are sold at costs are atleast 10 times their real market value based on the economy of the city. Then how do people keep putting money on these properties, though in the long run the investment is going to be a dead loss.

    We love these people and we will give all our savings to them. And you will keep asking us Why without getting any tangible answer.

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