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  1. SBI can open a Demat account for you, since you already have an account. Request the manager to open a demat account. If you want to trade online immediately, you can open a demat account with ICICI Bank, log on to ICICI direct and trade immediately after the issuance of Demat code and you must open a savings bank account with ICICI bank..
    You can start it with Rs5000/- or if you have more you can trade with more.
    Share market is very volatile. It will strip you off in seconds.
    But you can also make money, provided you study the market well. It is all big mans game. Small investors are tend to loose.
    Be careful.
    I wish you all the best.

  2. Share market is highly volatile.
    Share market may strip you off with your savings, in a moments. Similarly, you may multiply your savings. All depends upon your moves and selection of shares.
    Small investors are tend to loose. You are required to study the share market thoroughly, before stepping in.

    You may open, a De mat account with SBI for your self,
    since you already have saving account with SBI.
    Request the manager of SBI branch, with whom you have Savings Account, to open a demat account.

    Should you desire to trade online immediately,
    You may contact nearest branch of Kotak Mahindra Bank,

    Kotak Mahindra Bank, shall provide you all the provisions for Stepping into Share Market;
    1. De Mate Account,
    2. On line trading,
    3. Savings Account,
    4. Market feed back,
    5. You will be able to start, with Rs 10,000/-

    Wish you all the best.
    Happy Holli, Happy on line trading, and making lot of money through on line trading.

  3. first u need to open demat account with your bank and submit your identity and address copy with your bank.
    there is no minimum amount required to start its depend upon your saving account limit.
    once u have account start dealing in buying and selling through your brokerage house.

  4. It seems you have never invested in shares before
    remember this 5 tips before you start investing in stocks and shares.

    1. Invest only that much money which you can affoard to lose.

    2. Do not trade on tips and speculation.

    3. Do.not rely only on your broker but do your homework.

    4. Be ” Smart” Investor and not “Daring” investor

    5. Investment can get in your skin so have patience and wait
    for the right time.

  5. Hai,
    I am housewife. I have account in Canara bank. I want to invest in share market can i have the joining procedure. What is the minimum amount to open Demate account & which bank can i open? How long it will take. Kindly reply to my mail.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shanthi Narasimhan