How to start investing?

I live abroad and I have a NRE a/c with state bank of bikaner and jaipur, I want to start investing in mutual funds and shares, I don’t know how to open an account for that, please help.

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  1. First you need to open an Demat Account. The bank which you already posses an account in India will probably have Demat Facility and in most of the banks Demat Facility is free… If you are well versed with the Indian market ups and downs then you can take your own call and buy and sell shares online according to the market conditions. If you are not very sure about what is share trading , then i would advice you to seek the help of any broker (Navia, Sharekhan, etc etc..) they would charge you minimum brokerage (Like 0.5 % to 30 % of your profit). They would get online for you and trade in the market. They are the people who are well versed in the market trends and most of the time their prediction will be accurate. but yeah..!! at times you may loose… after all we should remember…If there is a hieght, there is a fall too..

    It all depends on how smartly you take your call to give out, hold or buy shares…


  2. Hey my name is David Rodriguez, and I am willing to help you on your future goals. As a full time student my top hobbies that I like most doing are learning, researching and analyzing stocks. (STOCKS), a word that when we all hear it, we think of “the marketplace, the Nasdaq, making money out of stocks.” The way I see stocks and think of, it’s different from others point of view. I see stocks as a present I buy myself and save it in a treasure box. This means you buy a stock, and always thinking positive, hoping the value might go up and sell it for a higher price, than what you bought it for. What I like to do is stay with the stock for a couple of month hoping the value might go up and then sell it to make some profit. At first what I do is find what stocks are good to buy, and when is the time to buy them. I have a blog that I created and I am showing my audience all my techniques on how to become a successful stock buyer, from scratch to an expert and how can you make money from it. I hope you interested in my help. Please Visit my Blog at

  3. For mutual funds , you need to have a PAN CARD. If you do not have one – apply for 1.

    For shares you need to have a demat a/c . Check out if SBBJ has this facility.

    You can write to me [email protected] . I shall guide you.

  4. Why we should do investment?
    Ask your father and he will tell you the wisest thing he did when he started his career was to open a recurring deposit account in the bank at the start of his career. In those time investment were limited or else people were less informed about investment options and about necessity of investment. Now the days have changed, not only people has become more aware about investment but also the demon of inflation making us think more aggressively about wise investment.

    – Inflation is eating away your savings
    – Maintain a good standard of living

    What is the process of investment?
    Investment has no secret formula. The rule of investment is have the right information, plan your savings and investment, and make investment on assets. The steps involved in the process of investment is as listed below:

    – Budget to Save
    – Save and make investment regularly
    – Investment shall be for long term
    – Control your debts

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