How to start in Mutual funds?

I planning to invest in Mutual funds and my my intend is to save tax from it. How do i start ?
What is a folio number and how do i get ? Is all Mutual funds schemes can have tax benefits under 80C or only the ELSS schemes?

Also Please let me know the best schemes which i could invest in ? Thanks

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  1. If your starting out I would suggest that you you research mutual funds that invest in municipal bonds that are not subject to the alternative minimum tax.

  2. I think the first step when you start anything new involves having knowledge about that field.Similarly if you want to invest in mutual funds then you should search about it on the internet because a lot of information is already available on the internet about it.
    Only after having knowledge about mutual funds you would understand when and where to invest to get better returns.
    You can also take the help of experts like mansukh or religare etc because they can help you out in preparing a strategy that will ensure better returns on investments

  3. Investing in mutual funds is a good decision and it will definitely help you in saving taxes in long run but you will have to get a lot of information before you invest in them. I think that First American Funds is the most beneficial and trust worthy place to invest in and also you will get a lot of new and helpful information from here. You can investigate more into First American Funds from
    Best of Luck.

  4. Mutual funds are a great investment, whether you are seeking short-term or long-term financial goals. Research the type of mutual fund you want to start; there are short-term and long-term mutual fund investments with a variety of funding options, so researching is vital to making an informed financial investment decision.

  5. Only ELSS schemes are elegible for tax deuctions. ELSS schemes are basically diversified equity fund and have a lock in of 3 years. I am an AMFI certified mutual fund advisor and can be contacted at 0120 4224336 or [email protected].
    Good ELSS schemes are sundaram tax saver, HDFC tax saver, etc.

    Swarup Mallik

  6. Visit to learn everything about mutual funds. Invest only via SIP. Invest only in the top rated funds on this website. ( 5* or 4*) . Invest in funds with a large cap bias like HDFC TOP 200 / DSPBR TOP 100 / HDFC PRUDENCE / BIRLA FRONTLINE .

    Folio number is allotted to you by the fund house after you invest.

    Only ELSS schemes give you 80C tax benefit. Opt for dividend payout . There is a compulsory 3 year lock in for the units from the date of purchase.

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