How to start a dry fruit business in gurgaon?

I want to know about the details about the dry fruits available in Delhi & gurgaon? Where are the dealers located so that we can purchase the goods. What types of dry fruits are available and at what rate it will be supplied to us. I want to start a retail business on this line. What are the threats to this business?

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  1. 1>Develop recipes that not only taste good, but have a shelf life of at least two months. Try to make sure your dried fruit and nut mixes are different in some way,
    2>Decide how you want to retail your fruit and nut mixes. You can open an online store, sell through a gourmet e-commerce marketplace such as 1000 Markets or Foodzie, buy a booth at a fair or flea market, rent a mall kiosk, or buy a concession trailer.
    3>Launch a website………………………… It can be information or an e-commerce site.
    4>Make extra revenue by signing up as a seller at your local farmer’s market.

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