How to shift from software job to marketing or finance?

I’m a final year IT engineering student and placed in a a software company.but I dnt want to join a software company.Can i apply for a finance or marketing job with my kind of a profile?also tell about the online or correspondence course(apart from mba) which i can do.

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  1. You are yet in college then its better to do the fulltime MBA course after your graduation dude. u will get better prospectus and better oppertunity in Marketing & Finance secter .. ok dude go for Full Time MBA …

  2. I have the authorization of the institute of chartered financial analysts of India University, Agartala; for offering their courses.

    The Institute is sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (Icfai), a non-profit educational society established in 1984 under the A.P. (Telangana Area) Public Societies Act 1350F (Act 1 of 1350F), with the objective of imparting training in finance and management to; students, working executives and professionals in India.

    A number of educational programs are offered in; management, finance, banking, insurance, accounting, law, information technology, arts, commerce, education and science & technology at bachelor’s and master’s levels on full-time campus and distance learning formats.

    There are about 150 flexible learning programs (flp’s) offered by our university through correspondence

    In case you would be interested in pursuing one or more of the above mentioned programs, I take this opportunity to invite you for an association with ICFAI UNIVERSITY, through their NOIDA CENTRE.

    In case of any queries or suggestions regarding the above said, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

    Tarun Sehgal

  3. How about starting with a position in software marketing? Perhaps in the company you are already placed in?

    That would give you the benefit of being able to use some of your technical background to your advantage (you’d be surprised how many technology marketers like myself actually have technical backgrounds originally). Plus you will be able to get some real-world marketing experience.

    You could do a part-time MBA in the evenings at the same time. If you’re lucky, your employer may even be willing to fund that.

    We also offer an online source in software marketing strategy. You can sign up here:


    Software Marketing Advisor
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