How to sell mutual funds?

I had purchased some mutual funds about 6 years ago and now I have their names and no. of shares of that fund I bought but not the transaction ids or any other details. My question is how can I sell these funds?
I don’t have anything else no certificates, no transaction details except for the name of the fund and the amount of shares I hold

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  1. Visit a brokerage company, preferably a discount brokerage with a walk-in office in your city or town. Some examples are T. Rowe Price, Fidelity Investments, etc. Bring your statements with you and two forms of ID (to prove you’re the owner of the accounts or shares). Explain your situation to them. You may want to take notes.

    Ask questions every time they use words or terms you may not be familiar with – such as “prospectus”, or “12b-1 fees”. Write things down and be sure you get the gist of what’s being explained. Most importantly, be sure you get your question answered: “How do I sell these mutual funds?”

    There are many reputable discount (mutual fund) brokerages that will be happy to help you do this.

  2. While purchasing the mutual funds, you get the details of number of units and NAV of each unit; you do not get the details of shares purchased. You can get the statement of account from the mutual fund company, sign the form provided there for surrender of the unit at current NAV and hand it over to the MF company. They will hand over a cheque or credit the amount to your Bank account after verifying your specimen signature.

  3. go to company’s office whose Mf ur having. Give ur name and the available details as every thing is computerised today i think u won’t have must peoblem getting the Id’s and proceed further.

  4. Hi Salil simply call up the helpline no. of the fund or visit the nearest branch and place an order to sell, transaction id is not needed but you need to have the certificate with you. all the best.

  5. Dear,
    I hope you have PAN if not MIN.Go to registrar office and give your PAN
    they will chase your investment they will give you full details.
    If you have invested in reliance registrar is karvymf.(
    If you have invested in HDFCMF registar is cams . (

    [email protected]

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