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  1. You can also use social networking websites like orkut. Or u can use help of any of ur friend who’s working in some office to provide u prospects

  2. You should have Marketting Skills and should be able to convince the client with your way of presentating your insurance product.

  3. Dear sir,
    Ek hi kaam karo…
    logo ko unki future kai bare main unsure karo,
    unko batao ki unka future kitna unsecure hai,
    unke jane kai baad is duniya mian unke bacho ka koun hai.
    isliye insurence policy lena bahut jaruri hai.
    yea nuska to client ko convince karne ka hai..

    Lakin apko agar client chahiye to telephone directory utao aur shuru ho jao…

  4. Your father is already gifted to you.

    Look out if you can bet a SUPER father-in-law for a SUPER AGENT like you !!!

    I heard that Lalloo’s daughter sold policies that earned her Rs 1 Crore on her first day in office.

    That’s the easiest, fastest and best way !!

  5. First of all, you should be confident on your product. Always think that whatever is you are going to sale is the best product for your client. You can provide a wonderful service to your existing customers and request them to give you some references…knock call is another way….and you can try telephone directory too….try to meet school principles….you can grow your business like this….

    best of luck
    [email protected]

  6. selling insurance policies to different segments of the society, especially women self-help groups. The insurance policies provided five per cent discount for women in premium rates.
    loan cover
    providing group insurance cover to protect borrowers.
    firms must improve the standards of cold calling when selling general insurance over the telephone to ensure they are treating their customers fairly.
    The main weaknesses were found in training programmes, supervision of staff and a lack of management information other than for sales and call volumes.—so we have to improve all these.
    The bottom line is that firms must never pressurise consumers into making a rushed decision and must always clearly spell out the nature and limitations of the products
    Outlines all your business processes so you can visualize, plan, and implement a coherent, integrated, and comprehensive solution
    The Business Scenario Map – Gives you a detailed view of end-to-end processes and defines the activities, roles, system interfaces, and business documents that will enhance collaboration
    Ultimately, Business Maps enable you to focus on your core business processes. They help you become more market- and customer-oriented, which can translate into stronger partner relationships and real competitive advantages

    1.increased operational efficiency—end to endprocess automation,integration and management
    a.improving the productivity of the peopleand system resources
    2.reduced cost–lower policyand claims servicing cost
    a.minimised claims leakage

    3 improved customer service–faster processing cycles for new business claims and other activities
    a.self servicing agents and distributors and customers
    b. greater visibility and understanding of the customer via a single real time customer view

    greater business agility–increased process flexibility to react promptly to changing business and market conditions
    a. faster time to market for new products and services through improved re use of existing it assets

    3 increased customer value–leveraging inbound customer interactions to cross_ sell additional products and services.

  7. Selling lic policies is an gateway for familiarity with negativity which is the best remedy for any success. In such kind of business, we also here NO. And it is our duty to change in YES. For this, hardcore patience is required. It is a good job and it helps not only us for our living but it helps in ensuring people.

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