2 Replies to “how to search property prices in previous years?”

  1. What does that have to do with the price of beans? Your offer is based on current year pricing, current community pricing, a current appraisal.

    You can go to the court house and research the tax records or ask your agent the questions.

  2. If you’re talking about the prices for specific properties, there are a couple of related ways to do it.

    Many tax assessor offices have their data online, and many will track back x number of sales for y number of years. Where I live, you can go online and view, within (I think) 30 years or so the 3 most recent sales. So I might look at a property and see that it sold in 2005 for $ 300,000, that it sold in 1997 for $ 250,000, and that it sold in 1987 for $ 175,000. The assessor’s office itself will have the data going back farther than that. But for 2005-2006, they’ll all have it.

    Most Realtors can provide the same information. They have (depending on the area) access both to the assessor information and to the MLS information.

    Both methods are free.

    If you’re looking for general trends in an area, check with your city or county’s economic development office. It may have a slightly different name, but most areas have something like that.

    On a larger level, the U.S. Commerce Department has national trends.

    Those resources are free, too.

    Hope that helps.

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