how to save money for retirement?

how to plan retirement? what are retirement plans? what to do for the retirement? tips for retirement.

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  1. It’s very simple there are number of insurance companies which provide plans regarding to retirement, start investing now for retirement …let’s your age is 30 and invest 5000/month for 10 next years and your money will be invested 6lakhs and it will grow till ur retirement, when you retire start taking swp( smart withrawl plan) /month….you will get good return…for more details mail me [email protected]

  2. For many people retirement may be far away; however it is an opportunity to save money for it. There are many ways to save money for retirement and some tips may help in ensuring that you have a comfortable old age.Visit the source for tips for saving money on investment.

  3. Get a grant from the government or a charity organisation. What most people don’t know is grants are available for ordinary things like home improvement, or even when u can’t cope with life there people ready to help. Get more information…

  4. Many companies offer tools to assist you in planning for retirement. If you’re working and your company offers a 401k or similar plan this is a GREAT way to get started because most of the companies have a match where you put in x amount and they match y percentage of that, so really free money if you are fully vested when you leave the company. Also there are IRA’s, a traditional IRA offers tax deferred growth, you put in the funds and if you qualify deduct them from you income for the year lessening your taxable income. The idea is that you will pay less taxes on the funds at retirement because you will be in a lower tax bracket, and you have less taxable income now. (see a tax adviser) (careful there are limits to how much you can contribute / year)
    There is also a Roth IRA where you contribute to it and it grows tax free. You can not deduct contributions to a Roth IRA but the idea here is that as the money is growing and earning dividends etc. at retirement you can have ALL of it back tax free!
    Check out T Rowe Price at choose the individual investor and then look under the retirement planning for assistance and knowledge. This is a great conservative company and you can start an IRA with them for as little as $ 50.00 / month taken directly from your bank account. or call them at 800-225-5132 their reps are awesome and love to assist with questions like this.

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