11 Replies to “how to save a money give some ideas????”

  1. take an insurance policy from any good company, u will get good benefit and good returns and ther will be good saving as well, if u r from delhi than call me at my no 09350479971 investment expert

  2. Reduce your spendings.
    Decrease the amount of money spent towards recreation.
    Save all the money and try some good investment plans.

  3. take a lunch to work (its so much better when you make it), carpool, public transportation, generic goods (many of them are just as good as brand), wash loads of clothes more conservatively, drink water instead of soda when you go out, consolodate driving trips, eat out less, change insurance, change grocery stores, buy in bulk, find ways to use less electricity, wash super big loads of dishes instead of lots of regular size or small ones, use bank transactions that cost you less or nothing (i.e. I use my school debit card like a credit card to avoid charges per each debit card use), on a shopping trip wait till you are about to leave the store to decide whether or not you could live without buying something (if you have almost forgotten about it by then). I could go on longer, but i will stop here for now

  4. u can save money in bank through fixed deposite.but u might have to pay tax for this. if u open an PPF account in State Bank of India,u can save tax through it. in PPF account u can save max 70000 Rs. per year,on which u’ll get 8%interest.if u save money in fixed deposites u’ll get about 10%interest. and at the year-end deposite,in PPF,. what u were to pay to income tax.This way u’ll save a lot of the money’

  5. Spend the money accoring to your feet.

    Not much then that..

    And never Use credit cards in your life.

    Hope you agree?


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