How to repay loan taken in Dubai from India ??

My relative has taken a couple of personal loans in Dubai to the tune of Dhs50,000. He came to India on a vacation and is unable to go back due to health reasons. Our family has pooled in the money to pay back the banks (Stan Chart and Citibank). My questions are :
1. How can we repay the bank loans from India ?
2. How can we repay credit card loans from India
3. Are there any legal proceedings I should follow ?

Your answers will be very helpful. Thanks to everyone in advance

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  1. Call the creditors and find out how they would like to be paid. They will know who their correspondant banks are, and if is to be wired, where to wire the money to.

    They’ll be happy you are paying it back.

  2. Just contact the Embassy of Dubai / UAE and ask them :-



    Phone # 011-26872822

    OR you can also contact the banks, to whom you would be repaying, they would be happy to tell you the procedure 🙂

    All the best 🙂

  3. I believe that Standard Chtd. and Citi both have correspondent relationships in India which will provide for payment reception in Dubai. Ask at the India branch in your area. If you don’t get satisfaction, try calling or emailing the branch in Dubai.

    Please let us know which way turns out best.

  4. Only those who have utilised NRE services (with repatriation facility) in indian banks can send money outside the country. and there are further restrictions on the amount too. check with the person (ur relative) ‘s bank. and proceed accordingly.

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