3 Replies to “How to receive my payment from click bank affiliate site?”

  1. You need to have at least 5 sales first all from different credit card numbers – 2 from visa and 3 from mastercard or vice versa. If you click on the icon regarding accounting policy, it sets it all out there.

  2. I know first time it is very hard for someone to get payment process.

    If you are in India, then you can do this which I have done as well.

    Create a Paypal Account. Validate your paypal account with a credit card or with your Indian Bank Account or with Debit Card. After validating the account transfer all your Clickbannk payment to paypal. Then transfer your paypal funds to your bank account in India.

    Its very simple.

    If your from US, then follow the same. And you must be familiar with paypal.

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