How to prove that someone crashed my car?

My husband was driving in his lane when a lady went into his lane made the car get out of control thank god he is ok. The problem is they both had the same insurance. The lady keeps changing her story and the insurance is not doing nothing about it they say as longest she says it’s not her fault they can’t do nothing about it. So we are stuck with out a car. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

How to prove that someone crashed my car?
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  1. Did you call the police to get an accident report done at the scene of the accident? Do you have any witnesses to the accident that can corroborate your version of the story? You need some proof to back you up. If you don’t have any of this, then it is your word against hers, and you will have to take her to court. Who they believe will be up to how convincing you area and what can be PROVED. Sorry. If there was no police report made at the scene, see if you can make one NOW. Report your story to the police, get it on record.

  2. You can hire a private traffic investigator who can reconstruct the accident scene and recommend who was at fault. Go to your local police dept and see if they have a traffic division. See if they could recommend a private traffic investigator or maybe an off duty traffic investigator that is willing to do the work themselve. But this will cost you a fee.

  3. The claims adjusters should be looking at both sides, determining damage and making a judgement from there – they could decide it was 50-50 at fault meaning they don’t decide on either one, but they should be doing something. Call them and ask for a supervisor to help resolve this. Explain that while they aren’t communicating with you, you are without your car, that you pay good money to insure with them. BTW this is called a cross insured claim, when both parties have the same insurance company – which does happen – but I would get a supervisor on the phone and have them address what is taking so long. In the mean time you can take the car if its driveable to a body shop and have them write an estimate – and let the insurance company know you have it – they will most likely send an adjuster out to the shop, but at least this way they are forced to act.

  4. It IS not a question that who is faulty. Main point is the occurrence of an accident. If lady admits that there was accident & you have the policy for accident than insurer can not deny . more you say the both parties have the same insurance than insurance co is liable to pay for the accidental repair. Please take the case to Higher authority if lower level staff refuse to settle the claim. You may approach the consumer protection court.

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