how to plan to get good retuns when retired?

i m 47 yrs self employed. earning 16lakhs PA.

how to plan to get good retuns when retired?
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  1. I think 47 yrs means still you have enough time to start a good small business with a proper plan. The word “proper plan” what I included was, The future of the business will depend on the plan. Try to get a good idea from the link below about what is a business plan. If we establish good plan for a small business and if we can achieve the targets of the plan, definitely possible to win. 16 lakhs PA means good income to start a small business as I mean. But you should decide what type of business you are going to start. It will depend on your possibilities.

  2. In contrast to expenditure culture Saving and investment culture is to be followed.

    1.Endowment with money back option policy for considerable amount can be taken from LIC.

    2.PPF account for 15 years can be opened in post office which has option to invest min.Rs.500/- to max.100000/- per year and to get principal+interest at maturity without IT deduction.
    3.purchase of gold for resale-preferable is coin to avoid wastage and making chages.

    4purchase of land/building/flat for housing or commercial/rental purposes.

    Being self-employed you can avoid IT by opting the above good return option.It is all safe also.With your present earnings you CAN DO BETTER.

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