How to pay property tax in Bangalore?

Hi I have purchased a flat in bengalooru. As all documents which I initially got from the builder are in Kannada, I presume I paid the property tax the first time around. Am I supposed to pay property tax for the flat every year. If so, how do I do so in Bengalooru? Kindly help.

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  1. Hi i think this info helpful for u…….

    It is mandatory for all property owners/holders to pay tax, and hence they need a Khata. All owners/holders of property within the Bangalore city.
    Bruhat Bengaluru Mahangara Palike Revenue department has computerized its property tax collection and digitized all the assessment registers and DCB registers. The eGov Property system has been collecting property tax and offering computer receipts in Bengaluru for more than 2years in the 30 ARO offices, 4 Citizen Service Bureaus and Bengaluru One centers throughout the city. The eGov Property system also provides Khatha Certificates and Khatha Extracts.