how to out perform stock market with 10 years of active experience?

it s hard to predict the market with so much ups and down and jobbing is not my style what do you say about a better money making stratagy that worked for you couple of times and youu would use it if yo get a chance share

how to out perform stock market with 10 years of active experience?
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  1. You are asking some profit making rules of Stock market but with 10 years of experience you are still to learn that there are no such rules and you have to make your own rules for making profit.

  2. I have been investing in mutual funds for 23 years and making
    about 7 1/2%. Its hard staying in when the market goes way down.
    But at those times I try to buy more on those big dips. It takes nerve
    and a strong stomach.
    I was reading about a day trader that has a scheme, that he sells
    on the highs and buys on the lows. Using charts that he made on
    what causes the dips and increases, where a pattern emerges is
    when he puts his plan in to action. Just recently he made $400,000
    in one day.

  3. I still consider myself a “day-trader in training” but feel I can give some advise.

    The stock market is very unpredictable, most call it gambling, only 10% of traders actually make money in the stock market. The simple buy and hold strategy doesn’t very well anymore, knowledge of how the market works and reacts as well as understanding supply and demand (price action is simply supply and demand in action) is what will give you an edge over other traders. (Which isn’t gambling) You must develop a trading plan that works for you, no one can tell you what that plan is, you must figure that out for yourself. I can tell you what is most important however when it comes to your plan, RISK MANAGEMENT. Of course there are also other rules which should be incorporated, such as emotion management…

    I chose day-trading because it fits my style and my trading plan, however it is not for everybody. Most day-traders blow up accounts when they let emotion get the best of them. Look into all kinds of trading, especially swing trading, it may feel more familiar to you, and allow you to react faster to market condition’s.

  4. Here are the rules if you want to be in the market,
    1) Devise your own plan and stick to it.
    2) Pick the stock(s) that you are comfortable with.
    3) Never switch from one stock to another. Always speculate the same stock.

    4) The GOLDEN RULES, First, no loss; Second, no loss and Third, no loss, really don’t exist. This is the GOLDEN RULES OF ALL GOLDEN RULES;

    4a) If you can make a profit, don’t be greedy, take it. Because when it comes to money, if you don’t take it, somebody will. Doesn’t matter how much you’ve made, it’s better than losing.The first one takes the money is the first winner.
    4b) If you can make an even, don’t take the loss. While seeing you are making an even, if you don’t take your money back, you will have a loss.
    4c) If you have to take a loss, make sure the loss is as less as possible. When the stock falls further, buy it back. That way, your position is the same except now you have more cash.

    When you realise a loss, whether it is recorded in the form of a -‘ve sign or a ( ) sign, the sign would not hurt you, but the no. will.


  5. its very simple risk versus return plus time and monitoring and all that you have time strategy experience and depending upon your risk aptitude factor you decide which way to go less risk and monitoring as well as return on mutual fund and more risk and monitoring and tracking on stock market

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