How to open a partnership firm?

We want to open a partnership firm in which we can manage events, can do recruitment, do product marketing, insurance, finance, security services, tour and travel etc. can i do all these work under a company? What should i do to open it? how much approx cost occur? also welcome some good business ideas, Pls help…

How to open a partnership firm?
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  1. You have a lot going on. SO good news, yes you can do it all, consult a accountant and lawyer to minimize liability, so you may have everything under one company but have sub-companies for various services so if something happens the whole business is not dragged down. So spent some time and money getting the set up right. Write down everything you want to achieve and have the lawyer & accountant and you all talk.
    I would write a business plan as this helps you get to know exactly what you will need and forces you to deal with & answer tough questions know instead of later.
    Google a plan and copy paste it then re-write it for your business model, there will be a financial section in the plan so this may help with cost assessment.
    Best of luck

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