How to make my daughter eat the home prepared food?

My daughter is 5 years and she like to eat only outside food like burger, chips and all junk foods. I know this is not good for her health in long run, but we are compelled because otherwise she will starve rather than eating home made food. How to make her eat all nutrition foods.

How to make my daughter eat the home prepared food?
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  1. Starve her.. She will come around in a day. Right now she knows that she can get what she wants by waiting it out. Show her that’s not true.

    So when she asks for something like burgers, say nope we are having this. Whining.. sorry this is what we are having.

  2. Get her involved. Ask her what she wants to eat and have her help in the kitchen where possible. So if she says she wants a burger then make some at home. She can form the patties for example.
    Make some chips in the oven and she can peel the potatoes.
    Do things like that and maybe she will gradually get to liking things made at home. Make it fun!

  3. she wouldn’t starve, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

    Give her smaller portions of whatever your eating, make it look nice as we eat with our eyes.

    if she doesn’t eat it right away, tell her she wont be given anything else until she has eaten that, also try new healthy foods, she might not like what your giving her now but she might try something new especially if she has been involved with making it.

  4. Why is the change? Are you more aware now?

    Do it interesting for her start with the home made junk and add some crackers and some healthy dips like hummus or avocado dip and choose healthy crackers.
    My older daughter is a great veg. eater and my son prefers fruits, he is giving me hard time just on cooked veggies so I give it to him mostly raw like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli etc etc.. I offer them beans as a snack. I prepare interesting and different salads. My daughter like them much as a salad my younger some generally I give it to him cut in big pieces like green peppers and cucumbers.

    There is no clue. The only advice good for you would be start eating healthy yourself.

  5. Make the nutritious food fun for her to eat! Turn bland strawberries into cute critters:

    Turn a pb&j or turkey and cheese sandwich into cute mock sushis your child will love! serve with chopsticks for fun!

    There are many fun recipes like this. You just have to be creative! Kids love to eat healthy things, you just have to make it fun for them. Browse the links I gave you. That website has many fun recipes your child will adore. I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

  6. make home cooked food look good and taste good. kids eat with their eyes. so looks must apply too. you can try fun shaped sandwiches, home made burgers, home made chicken nuggets, better yet you try bento art. its a japanese art of boxed lunch you can get a ton of ideas with bento art. you can just google it and lots of sites are available. ^_^ i hope i helped. good luck and enjoy. ^_^

  7. try new different recipes. dont prepare the same dishes again and again. try some new intresting things. buy some recipe book for that or search new innovative cooking ideas on net. hope it will work.

  8. You have to stop going to fast food places completely. They cannot be an option. As long as she knows that you will give in, she will keep demanding her way. She won’t starve. She will eat when she knows you mean business and when she’s really hungry. Right now, she’s manipulating you to get her way. And it’s working.

    Getting her to help prepare the food is a good idea.

  9. make tasty foods keeping in mind the food that she likes the most when eating outside. Try out new & mouth watering recipes.