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  1. If you are thinking of intra-day trading like in shares/ futures etc, then it is NOT possible to make money in Gold ETFs, unless there are hugh price swings ( intraday basis )in physical Gold market.

    You can keep purchasing ETF units on regular basis. And when the price has moved up by sufficient margins you can sell the same to make money.

  2. I have been purchasing shares of GLL, which returns 2 times the opposite of the daily price change in gold.

    Why the opposite? Because I firmly believe that gold is a suckers bet and that it at or near peak. I am yelling this as loud as others were yelling in 2005 that subprime mortgages would collapse. Sure enough they were right.

    Gold right now has all the classic signs of an asset price bubble. Only an idiot would start buying gold or gold etfs now. If you are an idiot and must go long gold, buy GLD. Please do, as a short, I’ll be the one capturing your money down the line.

  3. I actually agree with Joey…normally I think he’s a buffoon. Short the hell out of it. Speculators ran it up…just like oil, Pets.com, tech stocks, and tulips.

  4. Gold is all weather investment. One can own it in the good times, the bad times, inflation, equity market crash and war. Here is more about what makes these markets take and how you can go about investing in them.
    you can buy gold for your income, for insurance against uncertainties.