how to make higher return investment plan?

I m 47 yr, spouse employed, 3 daughter ag 15,11,11 aldready hv house, car. gross income self 2.8 L
ppf 10000
sbi pension 10000
sbi scholar 12000
sbi horizon 24000
total 56000
pl. suggest high return investment.for Rs 44000

how to make higher return investment plan?
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6 Replies to “how to make higher return investment plan?”

  1. Education. Get better financial education. Robert Kiyosaki is the best. If you want to expand your finances, you must expand your INNER WEALTH CUP of what you can accept.
    You must expand your wealth mindset and you will get more income and equity to build your wealth.

  2. Mutual funds are one of the best ways other than stealing or burgling. Purchse at low rate and sell at high rate. But unless you watch the plant and trees, they won’t grow healthily.

  3. Hi, i suggest a great site with plenty of Issues related to your Investing and everything around it. it also provide clear and accurate answer to many common questions.

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  4. I have seen your portfolio. For you I guess that mutual funds which give tax rebate should be good. You can buy mutual funds of HDFC, ICICI or Franklin Templeton. I my self have HDFC and ICICI. But don’t put all money in one place put in various funds. Recently in rediff they published list of top 5 tax saving funds. You can also try the recently issued HSBC’s ELSS plan also.

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