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  1. This is link where you can check your Pan number details

    In order to make the correction in the name or pan details (update your name in Pan records) you can apply for changes in Pan details that is ‘Request For Changes Or Correction in PAN Data for PAN

    This is the link, u can apply on line for pan card:

    check this form for changes in your Permanent Account number

    Guidelines for filling application for changes in your permanent account number


  2. If you opt for long term, study the cos. have strong fundamentals and invest. Due to FII money, today’s market has become highly overpriced, wait for the correction.

  3. Do what Warren Buffet does and most conservative investment groups do as well. That means buy solid stock options for a company w/ no loss for the last 10yrs. Companies like Johnson and Johnson, IBM, Nike with those you can ignore current fads and they usually are recession proof. If you want to risk a bit in the process, look for small cap companies with high cash flow and low dept to invest in, if it does not work out cut your losses before you lose big. If it works out let your gains double.

  4. if u want to be long term investor, then i think you can invest in some blue chip companies, like ril, infosys, etc.. these companies wont fall in long term. so no harm in investing in it. study market thorughly before investing, read financial newspaper to gain knowledge.
    if u r investing in mutual funds, go for reality funds and power sector fund. happy investing.

  5. Fantastic question! Unfortunately we do not have enough information about you to come up with a meaningful answer. We would need to know your age, goals etc. etc. Anyone at this point who suggests which funds you should buy is not helping you at all. SIP or as I call it ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ is a marvelous investment tool. You are right on track with that option. Most fund companies allow SIP. After you pick your funds and set up an asset allocation model you can then Dollar Cost Average into all of them.(Again I repeat you should not pick your funds without further examination of your goals etc.) Another ‘trick’ is to SIP evenly into each of your choices. Many folks make the mistake of putting more each month into some of their funds than others. Thats not correct. You should Dollar Cost Average evenly among your entire asset allocation. Lop siding your percentages is the same as second guessing the markets. I seriously suggest that you speak with an investment professional to make sure you do this all correctly.