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  1. Life:Rs4000/-PA for a cover of Rs20 lacs.(Traditional)
    Purchase a plot Rs.7 lacs.
    Mutual funds:Rs.5lacs(On an average gives 15-16%)
    Fix [email protected]%:Rs5lacs(the percentage can be negotiated and increased)
    Amt balance remaining:Rs.296000/-
    Try to build Ground flr 2-3 rooms and give them on rent which again depends on the location)but still let us consider Rs.5000/- as your monthly income from property.

    By next year you will get income of:75000from MF,50000from FD,60000from property total=Rs.185000/-

    Further increase the number of rooms and give it on rent.
    The price of the property will definitely appreciate in future.

    This explanations may go on and on.

    So best of luck………

  2. We consult & design/structure on Optimal Portfolio’s based on your risk appetite, return expectations and investment horizon .
    Question: Which of the following is NOT a typical investor constraint
    in the investment policy statement?
    (1) Tax concerns (2) Expected cash flow patterns
    (3) Risk tolerance (4) Liquidity needs

  3. best at present is,
    25 % in gold
    35 % in shares or mf’s
    20% in ppf’s or postal cetificates
    20%in fixed deposits in PSU banks.

  4. It depends on how long you want to invest it for and what is your goal. In general if you will need money before 10 years, don’t invest in equity. Above 10 years or so, it is recommended to invest in equity. So, without any more information, it’s not possible to suggest investment.


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