How to know payment status from ULIP through net?

What is the email ID of Investor Forum to help me in this regard?

How to know payment status from ULIP through net?
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  1. The University of London Institute in Paris (abbreviated ULIP) is a remote college of the University of London located in Paris.

    The institute was founded in Paris with the help of the British Ambassador in 1894, and became the British Institute in Paris shortly after the First World War. It left its Sorbonne link to become incorporated into the University of London in 1969.

    The Institute began life teaching oral English to the French, but was soon improving the oral French of visiting British students. These two activities have remained its core activities ever since, adding language assessment in 1945.

    The Institute currently offers BA and MA programmes in French studies, translation and applied linguistics, as well as research degrees in all aspects of French literature and culture, English literature and film, linguistics (including pragmatics and relevance theory), applied linguistics and second language acquisition. It also has a very popular TEFL certificate programme with over 300 graduates working all over the world.

    The British Institute was given its present name in 2005.

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