How to invest the Terminal benefit received at the time of retirement?

I have retired from active service as Professor of Surgery after 34 years of service and the terminal benefit received is 30 lakhs. I am reappointed back with same salary last drawn which is about 1.25 lakhs per month. Both my children are married and are on their own.I do not have any outstanding loans to pay back.I am on my own staying in my own home. Please let me know the ways in which I should invest the terminal benefit amount of Rs 30 lakhs. I am not well versed in share market. I am sure this is common problem for all professionals at the time of retirement.I am sure I will be able to get a better information about investing the amount,as you are aware that Surgeons are very poor in investing for their future.

How to invest the Terminal benefit received at the time of retirement?
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  1. invest in balanced schemes of leading mutual funds, viz. icici, hdfc, reliance and uti mutual funds. u may choose the dividend reinvestment option. the entire dividend income will be tax free besides giving better yield. it will be safer and give good return.

  2. You could invest in the leading diversified and balenced mutual funds.Vist the site and get a non banking financlial advisor to guide you in choosong appropriate funds.

    To name a few top rated fundsSBI Global,Reliance diversified,Franklin Prima Plus,DSP tiger.,JM Basic,HSBC equity.
    You can pick a max of 4-5 funds for your portfolio.

    Not all new fund offers perform despite being owned by a reputed AMC so select the fund which have performed will over 3-4 years.


  3. Very good question and here is the remedy. I would like to suggest a few very interesting ways to invest your money with less or no tension, no risk at all
    50% of your fund you may invest in Post Office Senior Citizen Scheme. 10% to PPF Scheme & 10% to ULIP(Unit Linked Insurance Plan) with LIC or UTI. The balance 30%, I insist you invest in various Mutual Funds Scheme including ELSS which is Tax exempted. Mutual Fund investments are direct investment in the share market, but will be done by the Fund Manager. You need to devote a very little time to know this area of investment, as such I am giving you a link:
    You may subscribe and the most experienced people over their will be more than happy to assist – free of charge.
    Good luck.

  4. It is better to diversify your investments in various forms. You may consider PPF, Bank FD and other safe investments first. Some part may be invested in Gold and some in may be a piece of land in outskirts. Share market investment should be restricted to 15% maximum as it is better to avoid risky ventures after retirement. You may check this for some suggestions.

  5. Invest 10% of 30 lacs in shares………..I am telling u to invest,……….Buy some good company shares and forget it for 10 years………..Make rest 27 lacs as Fixed Depoist in 3 banks……dont put entire 27 lacs as FDs in 1 bank, instead select 3 banks and put there…….


    Invest 10% of ur monthly income into shares in every month……..Keep buying good companies shares ……

    U should not try to make lot of money from share market and if u try, U will end up with all capital loss……….

    my yahoo id is [email protected]

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