how to invest rupees 2 crore safely?

im disposing a property and likely to receive 4 crores in it. Please advise, how can i allocate this fund to which places? As soon as i get the money how can i safe guard it? how much can i put in a bank or couple of banks? what are the other options to keep the money safe till i get in to a proper investment which will take around 4-6 months.

Also im planning to invest 2 crores in market. can someone give an insight in to it.

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  1. Financial decision making focuses on relationship between RISK and RETURN – Optimal portfolios balance the total portfolio risk with its expected return.The implementation of a financial decision is NOT free. The Financial Investment cycle consist primarily of > Asset allocation
    >Portfolio construction > Execution Services and > Portfolio attribution.
    We can Design and Develop an Optimal portfolio per your RISK aptitude and appetite as a Service .

  2. hi,
    60 % safe options: Govt securities/bank – low risk, low profit
    20% medium risk, medium profits like gold, mutual funds
    20% stock market. high risk, high returns
    in stock options, again high, low and medium risk stocks are their.
    every thing depends on you risk capacity. when u expect money back.
    mutual fund give good returns in long term.

    all the best

  3. Hello Murali

    This is Ibrar, from Chennai.

    Investment is an ART. Before investing you have to decide so many things. So I suggest u to take some time to think & ofcourse to learn some of the basics about investing and after that take informed decision on your investment.

    If you can do just go through some of the best book on investments like:


    Coming to the options to Invest:
    You have so many options like investing directly in to EQUITIES, or MUTUAL FUNDS, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, COMMODITIES LIKE GOLD OR OIL, and etc etc..

    1. What is your objective on the specific Investment? i mean to say, what do you expect like SAFETY, RETURNS, or BOTH.
    2. What is your RISK APPETITE?
    3. How long you can wait for the desired targets on that particular investment?

    As per my view EQUITIES will be the best option to you. SInce market has corrected a lot u can take some good stocks which are fundamentally sound for longterm so that u can have a decent return with much safety.
    BUT DONT RUSH & BUY EVERYTHING. Right now Markets are bit jittery. They are heading towards another down trend.
    So wait for some time and pick the stocks(which u can get at mouthwatering prices very soon) carefully to invest systamatically.

    I have tried my best. For furthur discussion you can write to me or chat with me. My id is [email protected]

    Best Wishes for your investments
    Thanks & Regards

  4. HI,
    There are various Options where you can invest you money as safe and Secure.
    1)Invest some of the Amount in Real Estate.
    2)You can buy Pension Plans or other Plans Accoring to your Requirement.
    3)Can put in the Banks like F.D and NSC or P.F.
    4)Can invest in Equity market

    Things that can Happen after you invest your Amount.

    1)If you invest in Property in that case at Present the Property market is Very Low.
    People are not getting Sufficient Returns in the Real Estate Market.
    You can think of this Option but putting whole of your Amount in the Property is not a wise decision at all.

    2)you can Plan you Retirement or a Child Plan or Some good investment plan which are basically wealth Creation plans that Gives good Returns.
    In that case if you think of planning in Insuarnce sector then you can contact me on [email protected]
    as i’m working as Sales Manager with Reliance Life Insurance.In that case if you make up your mind in investing in Insuance then you can even get huge rebate on your Investment.
    For Eg:-If Suppose you Invest 1 cr with Reliance Life.In that case apart from your Returns and your Insurance and Other Benefits you’ll be Receiving Rs.20L back on your Investment with this Company and with Me.
    Apart from that There is a Capital Guarantee Plan that says your Returns and your Investment both are Safe either if market is Volatile and Fluctuating.
    So, you should Invest with Such a Plan that gives you Good Retuns as well as Good Benefits for you.

    3)You can even invest with NSC or FD.But in that case the Amount what you’ll be receiving on the Maturity that will be taxable so a huge amount will be deducted from your capital and even from your Returns.
    A part from this ypu have to wait for too long to yield some good Returns.
    And for Short term also the Return is very low.

    4)You can think of investing with Equity but my dear Market is very low and there is no Scene at Present that the Market will Rise Up.In this Scenario investing with Mutual Funds and with Equities is not at all a Wise Decision.
    As even you Capital can go Down Below the Margin also.

    In this Scenario you can think of too Options that is investing in Real Estate or Investing with Insurance Company.

    For Help you can Contact me on [email protected]

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