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  1. The mode of investing monthly in MF’s is called as SIP(systematic investment plan) like u’ll invest a min amount (like say 500 for most of the sip’s today some might be higher).
    well the basic funds in investig in MF’s is LONGTERM…invest in Mutual funds only if u r lookin for a long term investment..when i say long term it means min. 1 year and +. the actual point here is as we cannot predict the market movement always( like there will always be up’s and downs) we tend to seek a professionals advice for investing which is like MF…and here what happens is..the fund manager chooses the stocks that he thinks does well and …..if u invest for a long term what happens is see for example recently there was 2000 points rally in the market and suddenly over the P notes issud it collapsed…and again now its touched 20k…if u look at this at a long term perspective…on an AVERAGE yr RETURNS are Maximized….i can explain it better with a graph..any ways…i say u better invest a min period of 1 year….
    any doubts contact me..

  2. I am a professional investment advisor. I have found that there is a recurring problem with the questions that are asked on this site. There is usually not enough information being supplied by the asker to accurately answer your question.

    What we can try if you seriously would like a professional answer would be for you to email or Yahoo Messenger me. Re ask your question and answer mine. We could then have more meaningful dialog and help you more efficiently. It now becomes one on one personal help. You can now compare my answer to the other ones you got on Yahoo Answers and make the right decision.

    By the way for the others of you who are reading this response you can email or Yahoo Messenger me with any comments or questions you have and we can also have private dialog.

    I will be happy to email you my full credentials when we connect.

  3. It will be easier to answer a question if one could specify ones country,anyway in India in most fund accept a minimum of Rs 5000,and a monthly SIP of Rs 500-1000,you can contact SBI Bank,they will help you with everything.

  4. SIP is the plan in which one can invest monthly (Rs. 500, 1000 etc) depending on the time period.

    All the AMC are providing this offer of SIP. (SBI, HSBC, HDFC, ICICI, FIDELITY, Etc.)

    One can provide cheques for the amount you wish to pay monthly (500 or 1000 or more) or do ECS directly from your bank account to the particular fund you hold. it adds units in your account.

    you can contact ICICI bank, HSBC bank, and other important banks also do this. you can also contact a MF distributor

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